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I've been working on this soundtrack on and off for a couple of months, and finally just wanted to get it out there. I'll most likely be adding more songs to it in the future.
Hollowthorn was a small soundtrack I wanted to write after being inspired by Hollow Knight's music composed by the genius Chris Larkin. It features some spooky songs, ambient piano, and various other orchestral scores.

License: You can use these songs in any matter you want, as long as you DON'T resell them, or upload them elsewhere to be downloaded or streamed, like Spotify just as an example.
You're totally free to use them in video games, background music to videos or any other content you make, with the exception of NFTs.
Credit is not necessary, but always welcome.

I hope you enjoy!

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BallroomOfSpirits.flac 7 MB
DarkHorse.flac 8 MB
HallsOfOrion.flac 7 MB
MountainKing.flac 7 MB
TheGarden.flac 8 MB
TwistedCorridors.flac 10 MB


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Hi Poltergasm :)

Beautiful pack of music :) 

I often see shortcuts for words here and I do not always know what they mean, what is that nft thing?

Thanks Anwynn :)
A NFT (Non-fungible token) is just data stored on a distributed ledger. They are used a lot for trading crypto currency. If you don't know what they are, then there's a good chance you don't need to worry about that restriction in my license :D


I am still not understanding  😅

Thank you though for explaining it.

Looking forward to your next soundtrack, except today all your other soundtrack i always noticed them on my mornings, it is nice to listen to them just after waking up :)